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3 podcast we discovered this week


Ok so it has been a while, but we’ve been plugging away on some updates that we think you are going to love! Anyway, this is one of the hardest things for podcasters at the moment is getting their podcast discovered. So we are providing some of the work for you this week.

  1. 90s Baby Show

This is a podcast exploring the mind of a 90s baby in this ever-changing society through the eyes of Temi Alchemy and Fred Santana. This week they were joined by Craig Mitch.

Here is a little taster of what to expect. Definitely a podcast that covers everything and will have you in stitches.

2. Pivot Podcast

Now we dive a little bit deeper into the tech world. Recode’s Kara Swisher and NYU Professor Scott Galloway offer some great insights on some of the most important stories going on in the world of tech, business and politics. The clip below essentially explains what an NFT is layman’s terms to Quentin Tarantino. Both Kara and Scott go on to explain later in the pod about why this is so interesting in the long run and will definitely shape business going foward.


The Fonejacker Podcast brings back Kayvan Novak’s show and it is f*cking hilarious. If you loved the original show and you love a good prank call you will NOT be let down. 100% brand new prank calls bringing back some classic characters like car salesman Terry Tibbs, serial complainer Dufrais Constantinople, Art Critic Brian Badonde and cold caller Irish Mike.

We love to hear your podcast recommendations and would love to feature some! Please send us your recommendations to hello@thatpart.co

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