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Top 5 parts from the Tony Bellew is Angry pod with Ricky Gervais


This week we started listening to The Tony Bellew is Angry pod. Now if you are not from the UK, you may not have heard about Tony Bellew. He was a World Champion Cruiserweight boxer who also featured in the Rocky spin-off film Creed. Anyway he has started this podcast and it is pretty hilarious, that is if you can understand his thick Scouse accent. In this week he gets the comedic giant Ricky Gervais on the show to talk all things that make them angry. IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT.

Here are our Top 5 parts:

  1. Ricky kicks off by telling us all the things that essentially piss him right off. Some of them are unexpectedly funny.

2. Ricky recalls his charity boxing fight and some of the regrets in not doing Bake Off.

3. Basically if you are out in a restaurant and see Ricky Gervais, keep the noise down or he may actually tell you to f*ck off.

4. If you haven’t seen the compilations of these on YouTube, it is well worth a rabbit hole… Anyway in this part Ricky talks more about the Golden Globes

5. Probably the weirdest encounter you can picture, I just wonder why you would ask for a selfie in the urinals.

In reference to the Golden Globes, well worth the viewing:

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