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Ok so it has been a while, but we’ve been plugging away on some updates that we think you are going to love! Anyway, this is one of the hardest things for podcasters at the moment is getting their podcast discovered. So we are providing some of the work for you this week. 90s Baby […]

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One of the best ways to market your podcast

So you’ve finally taken the plunge and made your podcast, but you are struggling to find out why your listener numbers aren’t higher? Well this is where you are getting this quick and easy guide to market your podcast to TikTok, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media with thatpart. What is thatpart? thatpart is […]

Top 5 parts from the Tony Bellew is Angry pod with Ricky Gervais

This week we started listening to The Tony Bellew is Angry pod. Now if you are not from the UK, you may not have heard about Tony Bellew. He was a World Champion Cruiserweight boxer who also featured in the Rocky spin-off film Creed. Anyway he has started this podcast and it is pretty hilarious, […]

Top 5 parts from Real Narcos: Pablo Escobar

This week we have dived a little bit into the true crime genre. Obviously there are few places to start other than infamous Narcoterrorist Pablo Escobar, the King of cocaine and probably the most infamous drug lord of all time! We started listening to the Real Narcos series from Noisier, the narrator having one of […]

Rio Ferdinand on the Filthy Fellas Podcast

Here are a few clips from the Filthy Fellas podcast where Poet goes deep into Rio Ferdinand’s history at Manchester United. In this part Rio Ferdinand goes in depth on the problem with defending today… Ever wondered what it was like coming into one of the biggest football clubs in the world as a new […]

Top 5 parts from The Gurls Talk podcast with Rosalía

In this episode we listen to Spanish music sensation Rosalía on The Gurls Talk podcast with Adwoa Aboah (a British fashion model and host of the podcast). The pair talk all things from her upbringing, influences, creative approach and much much more. The Spanish superstar has amassed billions of views on YouTube alone. Here our […]

The 20 Minute VC with Rishi Sunak

This week we listened to one of the biggest investor/podcasters in the world, Harry Stebbings. The 25 year old has recently set up a $140 million fund to invest in early and growth stage startups. In this week’s episode he speaks to the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak. This rare podcast appearance for […]

Top parts from the first weekend of Euro 2020

So Euro 2020 finally got underway after the 1 year delay from COVID, and what a way to get it started… The Opening Ceremony was exactly as you would expect the Italians to do, sparing no cost rolling out the almost eternal and national treasure Andrea Bocelli to sing Nessun Dorma at the Stadio Olimpico […]

The shocking Christian Eriksen collapse at EURO 2020

First and most importantly, our thoughts are with Christian Eriksen, hopefully he’ll make a speedy recovery. It really does put the game in perspective when shocking incidents like this happen. I think the most surprising and shocking element is that this could happen to such a fit young man, worst of all being streamed live […]

Top parts from Hip Hop Saved My Life Podcast with Maya Jama

So if you don’t know this podcast then you probably should… Romesh Ranganath, one of Britain’s best comedians talks all things Hip Hop with some of the biggest stars in the UK today with his Co-Host RuMaj. This episode has a special appearance from Maya Jama who tells us about discovering hip hop through her […]

Top parts from The Harry Redknapp Show with Mark Wright

This week’s Harry and Dodge are joined by TOWIE original cast member Mark Wright. Mark is an avid footballer and is frequently seen tearing things up on Soccer Aid, the charity football tournament with a combination of ex-professional players and celebrities. Harry tells us about the nights out he spent with Mark’s grandfather in the […]

Top parts from Masters of Scale with Eric Schmidt of Google/Alphabe‪t

We take a look at one of the most influential companies of all time, Google. Eric Schmidt was Google’s CEO from 2001 to 2011 and more recently left the board of Google’s parent company Alphabet after 18 years. Additionally he serves on the Defence Department’s innovation board and is a visiting innovation fellow at MIT. […]

Top parts from The Tim Ferriss Show with Michael Phelps and Grant Hackett

Tim Ferriss is joined on this weeks episode with the greatest Olympian of all time Michael Phelps and 3x Olympic Gold Medalist Grant Hackett. These are synonymous with high performance and an elite mindset. Phelps and Hackett go in deep on performance, recovery, depression and mental health. This episode was truly insightful and definitely one […]

Top 5 parts from That Peter Crouch Podcast: That Entourage Episode

“Back again” in the immortal words of Troopz… Peter Crouch, Chris Stark and Tom Fordice discuss all the good, the bad and the ugly regarding the entourage that seem to circle around footballers. As soon as you mention Entourage you will be picturing Marky Mark, now this might be quite Hollywood, this week’s episode will […]

Top parts from That Peter Crouch Podcast: That Stats Episode

Back once again with Crouchie, Christ Stark and Tom Fordyce this week talking all things stats. The modern game has become absolutely obsessed with the data that is being brought into the game. XP and XG seems to be a particular talking point. The lads highlight some of Crouchie’s best and most bizarre stats in […]

Top parts from That Peter Crouch Podcast: That Rivalries Episode

Crouch, Stark and Fordyce are back this week talking all things rivalries… Covering all pod business from passing the pod in the House of Commons, Dragon Deborah Meaden in the back pocket and why Crouchie is exceptionally wary of his former teammate. Here are our top parts: A shambolic start to the pod Crouchie calls […]

Top parts from That Peter Crouch Podcast: That Youth Team episode

This week on That Peter Crouch Podcast is all about the Youth Team. The boys talk through a number of different experiences from Crouchie’s youth team days at Spurs from cleaning David Ginola’s boots, training with the first team and youth team cars. Here are our top parts from this week’s episode: Crouchie and the […]

Filthy@Five – Our favourite moments, 1 year on.

We’re talking money! It’s 1 year on of the most innovative football show on the internet. thatpart is all about helping fans share their favourites parts of videos and podcasts and helping creators discover new audiences, so we think it’s only right to spotlight our favourite moments from Filthy@Five, one year on from it’s debut! […]

thatpart Product Hunt Launch

thatpart has launched on Product Hunt. Everyone startup and founder out there knows what a daunting feeling setting up a business is. The startup path is turbulent and different, however, one route which a number of startups will definitely go down is the Product Hunt launch. thatpart has now entered the fray. 1000s of companies […]

Top parts from The Harry Redknapp Show with Eddie Hearn

This week’s show Harry and Dodge are joined by one of boxing’s biggest promoters and general larger than life character Eddie Hearn. Eddie is the son of Hall of Fame promoter, Barry Hearn. He talks about his privileged upbringing and going to school with Frank Lampard, and his career including some of the biggest fights […]

Top 5 parts from That Peter Crouch Podcast

FINALLY! About bloody time! Finally the ultimate podcasting trio of Peter Crouch, Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark have stopped dicking about and got the pod going again. If coronavirus wasn’t bad enough, you would have thought it was the least they could do to get it up and running again! Thankfully they are back stronger […]

Cash App Records?! – The Joe Budden Podcast’s reaction to Jay Z’s $297m deal with Square.

When Square, the leader in mobile payments co-founder by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, announced their acquisition of Tidal, it became the discussion for many tech and music fans. On episode 421 of The Joe Budden Podcast, they cover some of the main topics of conversation surrounding the deal. The reported sale price for Tidal was a […]

Top 5 parts from Hotboxin With Mike Tyson featuring Ryan Garcia

Mike Tyson was joined by Ryan Garcia on this week’s episode which was full of fiery comments and call outs. The YouTube and boxing sensation made sure this was entertaining. Here are our top 5 parts: Ryan calls out Gervonta “Tank” Davis and then claims he will knock him out inside of 2 rounds. 2. […]

Top parts from The Harry Redknapp Show with Rod Stewart

Here are some of the top parts from this week’s The Harry Redknapp Show with Rod Stewart. They talk about some absolutely iconic moments from the “No wonder you are in the f*cking reserves” to the Joe Jordan vs Gattuso fight in the Tottenham AC Milan game. The top parts from The Harry Redknapp Show: […]