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Filthy@Five – Our favourite moments, 1 year on.


We’re talking money! It’s 1 year on of the most innovative football show on the internet. thatpart is all about helping fans share their favourites parts of videos and podcasts and helping creators discover new audiences, so we think it’s only right to spotlight our favourite moments from Filthy@Five, one year on from it’s debut!

Disagree with our picks? Tweet us at @thatpart and send us your favourites. All the clips have been made with thatpart for youtube, send us your favourites.

These are in no order, and we’re purposely omitting Miles vs Poet because you’ve already seen that more than you’ve seen your friends this year.

  1. An all black back 4 is “balancing the books”

Black goalies and back 4’s are always a point of contention on Filthy, so when Tego and Margs both picked them, Tego got called Scott Parker and Specs had this to say.

2. BOAT clearing the room with a shocking Messi take

Messi is the fifth best player in the world. Lionel Messi.

Another gem from this episode was Specs realising why Scorcher is a Bundesliga expert

3. Bundesliga on ITV4

This has us rolling, but also has us wondering why Loons isn’t THE expert in German football.

4. FC United of Manchester put in a bid for Savage Dan?!

5. Loons’ John Smith story that threw this episode off track

Watch the whole way through to hear a great Lippy story about going to trials in 3/4 lengths.

6. Tego’s all black team

This one has already gone very viral already, saying it’s a family affair didn’t save this.

7. Lippy’s going to be on Football Manager

Gotta clap for him on this one, would be a life achievement for most of us, also Tego was on FM??

8. The Fearon Story

If I had to best introduce the new era of football shows to anyone, this is the clip I would send to them.

9. Who’s the worst player at Liverpool?

The former African correspondent with his pick killed us! The older set needed to get shown some love too.

10. A new concept?

“Totally gender neutral and respectful, in macro, on the sex industry”, and a Loons reaction show. We’re sold.

In making this list we realised there are too many good moments, we might need a part 2 soon. We’re looking forward to see what gems year 2 has in store for us.

Disagree with our picks? Tweet us at @thatpart and send us your favourites. All the clips have been made with thatpart for youtube, make your own clips and let us know your favourite FilthyFellas moments.

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