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Rio Ferdinand on the Filthy Fellas Podcast


Here are a few clips from the Filthy Fellas podcast where Poet goes deep into Rio Ferdinand’s history at Manchester United.

In this part Rio Ferdinand goes in depth on the problem with defending today


Rio Ferdinand on the Filthy Fellas pod talking about modern day defending… #filthyfellas #rioferdinand #defending #centrebacks #manunited #thatpart

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Ever wondered what it was like coming into one of the biggest football clubs in the world as a new signing? Well Rio Ferdinand give a glimpse of what he experienced.


Rio on the Filthy Fellas pod talks big players coming to Man United. #manutd #manunited #rioferdinand #rio #filthyfellas #thatpartapp #podclips

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Rio Ferdinand talks about the infamous hair dryer treatment at Old Trafford and from Sir Alex Ferguson. There are definitely some moments he regrets!


Rio on the Filthy Fellas pod talking about the hair dryer from Sir Alex #hairdryertreatmemt #siralexferguson #rioferdinand #manunited #thatpartapp

♬ original sound – thatpartapp

To listen to the full podcast check the link below:

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