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Top parts from Hip Hop Saved My Life Podcast with Maya Jama


So if you don’t know this podcast then you probably should… Romesh Ranganath, one of Britain’s best comedians talks all things Hip Hop with some of the biggest stars in the UK today with his Co-Host RuMaj. This episode has a special appearance from Maya Jama who tells us about discovering hip hop through her mum’s Eminem CDs, her musical influences and discusses J Cole, her love for Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

So let’s kick things off. Maya talks about having not listened to the whole podcast but has listened to clips… THIS IS THE EXACT REASON WE BUILT THIS APP. Ok rant over… I thought I would leave this in here just for our own sake.

Romesh talks about trying things makeup and how he looked fabulous wearing it. For those interested in what the name of the makeup is, it is called Warpaint. YES. Warpaint. Anyway if it is making Romesh look fabulous and less tired, might be worth a try…

Romesh clearly looking for the sympathy vote in this part…

When Maya Jama and Romesh put it this way, are handshakes acceptable? Do we really want handshakes back after COVID? Well in all honesty I hope we do, I hope we can make them as awkward as possible, continuing the ever so painful British tradition of not knowing what to do as greeting. Handshake? Elbow? Fist pump? Kiss? 2 kisses?

Lol speaking of which, I just YouTube’d this:

Finally down to the actual music, yes this podcast is does talk about Hip Hop. Maya talks about her favourite artist J Cole, the importance of lyrics, storytelling and sitting in the front seat of the taxi.

Maya Jama talks about her viewpoint on Eminem, dropping songs from her list and how she prefers 2 Pac over Biggie, much to Romesh’s dislike.

This part is particularly poignant. Maya talks about how Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are breaking down cultural barriers and opening doors for women in rap as they really own who they are and don’t really care what people think.

Then finally this part is really made me think, bringing up a topic from a number of years ago… It is amazing how Chris Brown has got a pass after doing what he did to Rihanna. It seems like it didn’t get the traction it should have done, perhaps because of social media being less prominent. Do we think today’s society would react differently to it?

Anyway this pod is definitely one to listen too.

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