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Top parts from the first weekend of Euro 2020


So Euro 2020 finally got underway after the 1 year delay from COVID, and what a way to get it started… The Opening Ceremony was exactly as you would expect the Italians to do, sparing no cost rolling out the almost eternal and national treasure Andrea Bocelli to sing Nessun Dorma at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. It really got the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up.

For any of you that missed it, definitely worth listening to this spine-tingling rendition.

Starting off with Italy in this part from the Euros Daily Podcast, Mark Chapman, Micah Richards and Chris Sutton discuss how impressive Italy were. Turkey albeit struggled to keep the ball, but Italy nevertheless looked sharp and have now extended their unbeaten run to over 28 unbeaten games.

Micah Richards goes on to discuss in this part how the Italian team is actually quite strong despite not having the star names of previous teams. I think Italy will be one to watch, especially given their pedigree in international football. Definitely a team to keep an eye out for.

Now onto the highlight of the weekend, well from an England fan’s perspective… England finally getting revenge for that cruel semi-final defeat by Croatia 3 years ago and FINALLY winning their first game in a European Championship. Is it coming home? It always is.

In this part from The England Show podcast by The Athletic, there is some reaction to the game and the guys believe this is the team’s biggest win over opposition of a high calibre since Argentina in 2002.

In this part of the pod, they discuss about the interesting selection of Kalvin Phillips, who aside from the match winner, Raheem Sterling, was Man of the Match and star man. This part also goes onto to show how Gareth Southgate was right in his selection of Trippier at left back ahead of Shaw and Chillwell. However, in the upcoming games it would be nice to see Shaw, who has had a fantastic season, play on that left side to give England that creative and attacking boost.

And probably the most exciting game of the weekend was Holland vs Ukraine in a 5 goal thriller. In this part, Carl calls this match the equivalent of being 6 pints deep, two tequila shots and contemplating the risky text. This was an absolutely chaotic game, but a thriller for the neutral.

Here are some of the highlights from the pick of the opening weekend’s games:

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